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Dr Anna Rewilak

Anna trained as a medical practitioner at London University, UK - Faculty of Medicine and qualified in 1984. She underwent further training to become a GP and worked within the NHS until 2002. She is still registered with the General Medical Council.

Her training in complementary medicine began in 1990 and she integrated this into her mainstream medical practice. In 1995 she began intensive training in holistic approaches to health care, using both energy field medicine and allopathic medicine within her work. In 2002 Anna resigned from the NHS to develop her work as a holistic practitioner. She hopes that one day her holistic practice can be integrated into mainstream medicine. In the meantime she delivers therapist training and workshops on the role of the Light in our lives.

Vanda Bingley

At the age of 16 Vanda became a cadet nurse, then entered the Nursing School in Halifax to train as a State Registered Nurse. She did not complete her training as she married and had 4 children.

Between births and when her family was older she returned to nursing working as an auxiliary. An accident in 1996, left Vanda unable to work in the nursing profession. At this time her husband Brian, became increasingly dependant on alcohol. He died in 1999 from alcohol related liver disease at the age of 46.

The years of Brian's' illness allowed Vanda to experience first hand, the difficulties that sufferers of alcoholism and their families experience. During this period Vanda began her training as a holistic therapist, specialising in Addiction Healing in 2003.

Currently Vanda has clinics in the Hope Centre Halifax and Outreach clinics at the Basement Recovery House Project in Halifax. She also runs Addiction Healing Therapist Training courses.

Patricia Markey

Patricia first attended the Hope Centre in March 2008 and has been involved with the centre ever since. Wishing to take a more active role within the centre she decided to become a volunteer. This involved carrying out tasks that were asked of her and helping out at various functions.

Since 2010 Patricia has participated in the weekly meditation group and now she leads the group regularly.

As time went on Patricia began to take an interest in the healing work carried out at the centre and in January 2013 began training to become an Holistic Therapist.

Fully qualified Patricia now works at the centre on a weekly basis.

To this role Patricia brings a variety of qualities, these include empathy, patience, understanding and humour along with a very caring personality. The above were gained through her experience as being a full time carer for her mother over a number of years. Patricia was also a part time carer for her Aunt and a close friend.

Patricia has excellent interpersonal and communication skills. These being developed through her previous employment as a customer liaison officer within a multi national company for over 25 years. As a result Patricia can talk to a variety of people on all levels.

Tina Downes

Tina has 5 sons and consequently has done many part time jobs ranging from pet shop assistant to cashier in a garden centre. Eventually, after training at Bradford college, she moved into full time English teaching with adults at Bradford College mainly with students from abroad.

She came to holistic healing through her G.P. Anna Rewilak.

Tina is a qualified Mountain of Hope Therapist trained in healing addicts, and providing therapies for their families and friends. She volunteers as a therapist at The Bridge Project for recovering addicts, including providing a meditation session weekly, in Bradford.

She also runs a practice in Shipley.

Tina maintains her links with the Hope Centre Halifax by delivering and attending meditation on Tuesday evenings.

Maria Walters

Maria brings with her many years experience of working with all sorts of people through her previous roles as a manager in personnel and retail.

Seeking a change of career, and having an interest in holistic therapies she decided to train as a reflexologist with the British Reflexology Association. She qualified in 1999. During this time she developed an interest in Reiki and became a Reiki practitioner.

Maria started her therapy practice in Shrewsbury then moved to Knighton, Powys where she established a busy practice working with some of the G.P.’s in the area. She has now expanded her knowledge in these fields and is fulfilling her ambition to work with animals and help people by promoting good health using holistic approaches.