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Holistic Reflexology

Gentle massage to reflex points of the feet allows for deep relaxation, aiding anxiety, promoting pain relief, restoring sleep patterns and allows the body's systems to begin to self heal.

Specialist reflexology programmes help with conditions such as bereavement, loss, terminal illness and pregnancy.

Reflexology for children eases difficulties including dyslexia, hyperactivity, attention defect syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorders and stress.

Crystal Healing

Placing crystals on or around the body releases blocked and held energies from the energy field. This promotes

deep healing and may allow a deeper understanding of current life experiences, bringing strength and light to the

energy field and the body.


Powerful, relaxing and soothing massage. We use aromatherapy oils and creams blended by Sunflower Apothecary.

Like reflexology this aids many conditions, restoring vitality and well being.


Using the hands the therapist begins to release blocked energy. This allows the body's self healing mechanism

to cleanse the body of toxins, it restores harmony, promoting a more balanced and aligned energy field and body.

Soul Recall

Addressing the source of pain by accessing and releasing stored memory. May heal previously unresponsive emotional

and physical dis-ease, giving an awareness of the soul and understanding of the memory.

Autistic Spectrum Healing

A combination of short reflexology sessions and crystal healing over a period of 4 to 6 months. This aligns and balances the body, mind and energy fields, so that the optimum life potential is possible to achieve.

Addiction Healing

Specialised healing for drug and alcohol dependency using crystals to repair, cleanse and protect the energy field.

Families and carers of dependants are helped to deal with the emotional and practical problems of caring for an addict and understand their difficulties.

The healing system is completely safe during pregnancy and for children aged 7 and over.        

All therapies promote the practice of meditation as an aid to relaxation, well-being and health. Our meditation group meets weekly as a support to practice and is open to all.

Self help techniques are taught so that healing may be continued between clinic consultations and include alignment of the energy field and holistic self improvement.

The therapies are supported by counselling and the appropriate use of Bach Flower Remedies, Crystal Gem Remedies and Sunflower Apothecary products.

Costs range from £15 to £45. Concessions are available.

For further information or to book an appointment please contact the Hope Centre Halifax.