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Promoting Inner Peace

All methods and practices discussed below are safe and effective ways

of finding inner harmony and peace. Achieving and maintaining inner peace

in today's busy and stressful world is often a long and sometimes difficult journey.

Using these practices and products will shorten and ease the path, promoting

peace within. You can use one or several of these methods at once as they

will complement and help each other. If one practice or remedy suits you better,

then that is the one to use. It is better to become familiar and at ease with one

method of promoting peace, and then adding another, if you wish, rather than

using many ways without consistency.


1. Stop and be still.

2. Call to the Light for help.

3. Breathe away the negativity to the earth for transmutation (e.g. the colour blue washing from the crown to the feet and out to the earth).

4. Breathe in the Light of positivity, balance and strength ( e.g. the colour emerald green washing from crown to feet and grounding to the earth and through arms to hands).

5. Seal yourself in protective blue light at arm's length.

6. Be of joy and positivity.

7. Thank the Light.

Please follow the link below for audio instructions to Emerald Alignment :


Before meditation, most of us need to learn to relax, as the first step to meditation is relaxation.

It is through the ability to stop and relax that we find the pathway to meditation. The essence of relaxation is finding those precious moments to stop and be still.


To begin:

Sit on a chair as comfortably as possible, with feet uncrossed and flat to the floor. Allow the back to be as straight as possible

and the head erect. Place the hands palm down on the knees or thighs. If you prefer to lie, then lie on the back keeping the head

and back as straight as possible. Ensure the arms and legs are uncrossed.

Close your eyes

Starting at the crown of the head, simply breathe down the body releasing tension as you do so.

Focus on each aspect of your body as you let go and relax.

When the soles of the feet are reached, allow the tension to release into the earth.

Pause for a while and be still.

Gently and lightly breathe back up the body from the toes to the crown of the head.

Visualise the body filling with peace, strength, joy and positive feelings.

Breathe to the centre of the body, enjoying the feelings of relaxation and balance.

Open the eyes.

The above exercise need not take long. A few minutes daily will bring many benefits calming and bringing balance to the body,

mind and spirit; allowing peace and stillness to enter your being and in turn your life.

Once you have learned to relax you can move on to meditation.

It is important to have a simple focus to the meditation and not seek complications or distractions. Meditation allows relaxation on many levels, allowing the awareness to relax and rise to higher levels

of consciousness. Clarity to life situations is often gained, and if you understand the difficulties you encounter the path of life will be easier. A busy mind with mental chatter hinders meditation, so by acknowledging thoughts and worries and releasing them. This often allows the chatter to diminish. It is important not to hold onto thoughts or worries, or to push them away. Simply let them go. They are the greatest blocks to inner peace and to meditation. If there is much mental activity it may be useful to have soothing music to focus your mind away from the thoughts.

Rose Quartz Heart of Light

These uniquely programmed rose crystal hearts have been given to as a gift from the Light to promote widespread

peace and healing. The Sunflower Apothecary has been blessed with this gift from the Light to pass onto others,

please treat your Heart of Light with great care and respect - it is a powerful healing tool.

The crystal heart is charged to hold a particular focus of energy, for example, this rose quartz Heart of Light is

programmed to bring its recipient the gift of unconditional love.

Once held in the palm of the right hand by the recipient, the crystal Heart of Light will ignite to their personal touch and use.

We respectfully remind you to cleanse and care for your Heart of Light regularly.

Contact us for further information.

The Words of Light series of meditations were launched

more than 10 years ago, and now contain

a variety of guided visualisations that have

been tried and tested in many groups both public and private.


Colour surrounds our lives. Whether it is seen or not, its healing powers are great.

Through the natural beauty of the rainbow we can see the purest of colours of Light.

Each colour or ray has its own qualities and energies and we may use them to bring greater peace and healing into our lives.

The following are just examples of how colour may be used to heal; the healing spectrum is infinite.

Experiment and see which colours bring the greatest positives to your life.

Red -                    Strengthens, invigorates, warms and activates

Blue -                  Cools and calms

Green -                  Balances and harmonises

Yellow -              Stimulates, clarifies and uplifts

Violet -                   Transmutes, cleanses and detoxifies

Indigo -                  Good for meditation practice and contemplation

Purple -                 Strengthens and empowers

Pink -                      Brings peace, compassion and unconditional                                      love

Orange -                Vitalises and lifts the spirit

Earth colours -      Symbolic of nature and nurture. They soothe,                                      calm and warm,

Black / White -         Colours of purity at the opposite ends of the                                        colour spectrum.

Together they give balance, perspective, polarity.

Gold / Silver -         Colours of high vibration.

                                Gold representing alpha, sun, yang energy.

                                Silver the female, omega and lunar energy.


Music affects the energy field in many ways. Music at its most harmonious, played with positive intention is most healing.

Words are empowered when accompanied by music, especially when they complement and harmonise with each other.

If feeling low in energy, music that resonates to the lower three chakras - grounding, beat music may help us to lift our mood and energy. Waltzes resonate with the heart centre and spiritual music may help us to lift our awareness to higher levels.

Music that resonates with the chakras will help heal difficulties associated with those chakras at all levels of the auric field.

Too much of one kind of music may cause damage to the chakras and energy. If using music to heal and align play for a short period of time, allow a time of settlement and then play again if needed.

The following instruments resonate with the chakras. The list is not exclusive or complete.

Crown -                  guitar

Third Eye -            xylophone

Throat -                  flute

Heart -                    violin

Solar Plexus -        cello

Sacral -                  saxophone

Base -                     trumpet

Silks Of Light : hand - painted silk bringing the gifts of colour and light to your person, home and workplace.

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

The active part in all flower remedies is the etheric healing energy of the flower.

These energies act on the energy field by bringing resonant or opposing patterns

within the energy field into balance and harmony.

There are 38 Bach Flower Remedies which constitute the healing system.

They heal and bring into balance the range of emotions we experience.

Rescue Remedy as the name suggests is the remedy of first aid.

It is a composite of 5 flower remedies which are:

Clematis, Cherry, Plum, Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose.

Sudden bad news, panic, stress of any sort (physical or emotional), will benefit from administering Rescue Remedy. It may also

be taken before sitting examinations, job interviews, or hospital consultation. Rescue Remedy is extremely good at balancing

and aligning the energy field, especially the emotional energy. Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is generally taken orally but as it

acts on the energy field, the remedies may be applied to the body, to the energy around the body or added to bathwater.

It begins acting immediately and may continue for several hours, depending upon the condition being treated.