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The Bridge of Light

The Bridge of Light is a project within the Light of Hope CIC offering an innovative and unique approach to help conditions on the Autistic Spectrum,

its associated disorders and symptoms.

Children especially benefit from receiving this approach which aids the alignment, integration and the flow of the human energy field (aura).

The Autistic Spectrum healing is given in two phases. The first phase consists of short reflexology sessions lasting approximately 10 minutes.

Some people on the autistic spectrum find it difficult to remain still, therefore some sessions may take longer. The first phase takes between

4 to 6 weeks.

The second phase of healing employs the use of crystals placed in particular patterns (known as crystal ring alignments) around the person to align

and balance the body's energy. These healing sessions are of short duration, again designed for those who are unable to remain still. The crystal

ring alignments take 12 weeks. Sometimes they may need to be repeated.

Occasionally the healing programme may be slightly longer depending on individual circumstances. This is more usual with adults, rarely with children.

Clinics are available in Halifax and Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire; Sale in Cheshire; Newton Stewart, Scotland. Therapists have been successfully trained in Dublin, Eire and Majorca, Spain.

The Bridge of Light has a role in delivering the understanding of metaphysics of disease to medically trained health professionals. At present, the aim of the Bridge of Light work is focused to the production of a pocket handbook for those in the medical profession.