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Posted on April 10, 2018 at 10:30 AM



( A course for personal and spiritual growth )

Understanding energy and its affects on everything we do.

Learn and experience simple techniques to affect positive change in all aspects of life.

The course will be delivered monthly, on the 3rd Thursday of each month, begenning April 19th   7-9pm.

Cost £7.00 including refreshments.

Each presentation stands alone; builds on the previous presentation and prepares for the following -

1) An introduction to the Energy Field.

The 4 lower bodies, chakras and alignment.

2) Meditation

Relaxation, alignment and visualisation

3) Thought, word and deed

Effect on self, others and environment.

How to turn negative into positive

4) Living in Harmony

Energy in your own environment. Household applicances. Creating positive energy at home / workplace.

The car as a teacher.

5) Vibrational Healing

a) Bach Flower Remedies

b) Sunflower Apothecary

c) Colour and Sound

6) Crystal Energy

Power, use, benefits and contraindications of crystals.

7) The Journey of the Soul

cycles of lives, life plan, Karma

8 ) The Journey of the Soul (continued)

Steps Programme

Posted on March 12, 2017 at 4:10 PM


The path of the soul

The way of simplicity

The STEPS programme is a series of 12 monthly presentations based

upon spiritual law rather than religious doctrine. It does not conflict with

any faith or tradition, respecting all paths and recognising that each

embraces an aspect of the Truth.

STEPS is designed to offer a greater understanding of ancient truths

which are the basis of spiritual life. The STEPS are continuous and

eternal and apply to each of us, giving opportunities and challenges for

personal change and spiritual growth.

STEPS addresses the key issues we must each balance to be truly at

peace within ourselves. This means freedom not conformity. STEPS is

not demanding but offers choices bringing us to an acknowledgement of

something greater than ourselves.

This brings the often uncomfortable

truth that true freedom lies in surrender rather than control.This is

surrender to the inner voice which is constantly reminding us of our true

identity as souls on an eternal journey through lives.

The STEPS programme is non denominational and has no religious

affiliation. The presentations are a compilation of the ancient wisdoms of

the East and the West founded in the messages given by the Ascended


The Ascended Masters are advanced souls who have lived many lives

on earth and have overcome difficulties which we too now face. Having

achieved this mastery they are no longer required to live at the physical

level but reside in higher dimensions from which they seek to guide and

inspire us, if it is our wish.

They cannot influence our free will.

STEPS is a personal development programme designed to lead us step

by step by encouraging a re-examination of our attitudes and beliefs. It

also teaches simple and safe spiritual practices to strengthen and seal

the energy field, which will assist the process of personal, spiritual

development and evolution.

We warmly invite you to attend and experience this new chapter in the

earth’s evolution and growth.

Sunflower Apothecary

Posted on January 28, 2017 at 5:55 PM

The Sunflower Apothecary

website is now available

 to purchase products online.

The Sunflower Apothecary

A carefully developed range of products designed

to assist healing at many levels.