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Alignment of the Body and Aura to Light

Light refers in this instance to a source of pure energy, greater than the self. The purity of the love within this energy – the Light, may be called upon to align the body and aura, if done in humility and respect.

The body's energy is in constant flow and movement. It is part of your body. Energy is received by the body through the crown, flowing down the spine, through chakras and meridians into the bands of energy that surround the physical being.

The energy flow responds and reacts to changes within the physical body, the emotions, the thoughts and the spirit. It also interacts with the energy fields of others. If interactions and flow of the energy are balanced and harmonious, we experience feelings of well being and positivity, e.g. peace and strength. Disrupted flow gives feelings of resentment, pain and disorientation.

Aligning the bands of energy and re-establishing positive flow within the body's energy has an uplifting and balancing effect that is experienced immediately. Sealing the aligned energy field allows protection from the energy of others and environmental energies.

If aligned and sealed, the person will never be overcome by emotion or swayed by negativity, but will always see things as gifts and opportunities for learning.

Self Alignment - Aligning to Light

This technique is simple, easy, free and effective. Experience the alignment of body and energy and see how aligning to Light improves your mood, balance and ability to operate in an increasingly busy and challenging life.

The only requirements are respect, humility and practise. The more you practise, the greater the effectiveness of the alignment.

1. Stop and be still.
2. Call to the Light for help.
3. Breathe away the negativity to the earth for transmutation (e.g. the colour blue washing from the crown to the feet and out to the earth).
4. Breath in the Light of positivity, balance and strength ( e.g. the colour emerald green washing from crown to feet and grounding to the earth and through arms to hands).
5. Seal yourself in protective blue light at arm's length.
6. Be of joy and positivity.
7. Thank the Light.

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