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Mark Liders

Mark connected to the Hope Centre many years ago, initially attending meditation. He experienced many benefits from meditating he began to receive healing from the Hope Centre Clinic.

The healing programme took him on a path of soul searching, working abroad and in England. On his return he became ill and once more returned and attended clinic.

After a long illness he returned to work and became a member of the Hope Centre to use his knowledge and expertise to help with the IT side and other activities.

He wishes to support others as they embark and walk upon there own personal journeys.

Cathy Woodhead

Cathy has been involved with the Light of Hope since 1997 as Trustee, Financial Director, member, student etc.

In 2006 Cathy set up Trees of Light which was a voluntary organisation. The purpose was to grow, from seed, deciduous indigenous trees.

The trees were all grown with rose quartz crystals in the roots in order to bring peace to the trees and the area around the trees. The trees were grown in a large polytunnel which was constructed in a disused quarry.

Help came from school children, special needs adults and children as well as other volunteers.

The tree nursery site was closed in 2012 after the successful culture of many thousands of trees which are planted throughout Yorkshire and other areas of Britain.

Cathy continues her work with trees and crystals.


Marina is a Bridge of Light graduate.

She currently helps with administrative,

secretarial and financial work for the

Hope Centre Halifax and Sunflower Apothecary.